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First of all, I am NOT chubby. It's called a primordial pouch, okay? Cats from fierce warrior lineages have them to protect us  7 Nov 2018 Anonymous said: primordial pouch? Answer: 11 Aug 2016 That loose flap of skin and fat on his belly is called the primordial pouch and it actually serves important functions. Protection During Cat Fights.

Primordial pouch

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2020-12-11 · The primordial pouch also protects the vital organs within the abdominal region with another layer of skin and fat. This can be useful for both wild and domestic cats if they get into a fight with another feline or other mischief that could potentially injure their abdomen. What is a primordial pouch A primordial couch is located at the bottom of your cat’s belly, just in front of their back legs. The pouch is made of primarily excess skin, and sometimes fat.

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The primordial pouch might allow the cat’s stomach to expand when feeding. That way, it can stock up on nutrition when food’s around. We aren’t quite sure what the pouch is for. It’s quite likely that it’s a combination of all these reasons.

Primordial pouch

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Primordial pouch

Overweight cats can store fat in the primordial pouch, so don’t write-off their possible weight issues as anatomy. When you feel their belly — well, if they allow you to feel their belly — does it feel like a half-empty water balloon or a full bean bag? The primordial pouch is a loose flap of skin along a cat’s belly but is often mistaken for a growing gut.

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Primordial pouch

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Often mistaken as a sign of obesity, a cat's belly pouch is theorized to help cats protect their organs or store food after large meals.
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[4] Extra skin does create drag, allowing animals with extra skin in Captive tiger primordial pouch Smaller cat breed such as the Scottish wildcat (photo below), South African wildcat, and bobcat seemed to show more of a pouch, as did cougars and leopards.